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In a Serious Relationship-20 Mistakes to Avoid

How to Have a Better Relationship?- 20 Mistakes to Avoid

Do you remember doing your best to impress a special person in the early stages of Relationship?

Remember that happy Relationships aren’t just about flowers and a cozy dinner. In order to have a satisfying and lasting bond that makes both people happy, the partnership requires clarity of communication, respect for each other and, last but not least, good habits.

There are many ways to help you build a perfect relationship. However, it can be something you haven’t done that makes all the difference.

Achieving a happy relationship with someone requires more than just a little luck. It requires daily exercise in the practice of healthy relationships that helps build a strong bond between the two. Couples do a lot to keep their relationships happy, but communicating, for example, may help you to be more happy as a couple than you might think.


Things you should avoid if you want a perfect and a happy relationship-

If you’re looking for a way to build a happy relationship with a special person, consider the following “don’t” tips that other happy couples swear.

1.Don’t complain about your relation with family and friends:

Don’t discuss it with outsiders, whether your Relationship is sometimes a bit volatile or, for the most part, a successful voyage. Involving others in your personal affairs usually gives you little useless negative feedback. Instead, talk directly to each other and overcome the bumps and dips of the road together.

2.Do not compare yourself to others:

Really happy people accept themselves and others as they are. It is unfair and unrealistic to compare yourself or your partner with someone else. It only leads you to anxiety about your relationship with yourself.

3.Never blame your partner for your problem:

Understand that you need to be responsible for your feelings. Don’t blame your partner or fall into self-pity. Instead, contact them and ask for the help you need to remedy the situation.

Arguments are healthy to clear the air!!…

4.Don’t take it too seriously:

Life is full of ups and downs. To be truly happy, don’t take everything so seriously. Happy couples are enjoying life. They date often and laugh a lot. If your life is desolate, find a way to keep it light, if possible.

5.Do not criticize:

Nobody likes nag. Criticizing your partner only creates a crack in the relationship that can tear it over time. Instead of criticizing each other, look for ways to sensitively overcome frustrating situations.

6.Don’t try to read your partner’s mind:

In many relationships, especially long-term relationships, it is assumed that the couple knows what their partner wants and needs. You may know your partner better than anyone else, but don’t assume you always know. Communication is the key to a happy relationship, and you need to communicate well to know what the other person really needs. Be clear about your feelings and desires so that you don’t make any mistakes or disappointments.

7.Don’t choose bad timing:

There are times when it is right and times when it is wrong to share your feelings to meet your needs. The wrong time is when your partner is busy or otherwise crazy about something else.

When you interact with them at these times, they may not understand the importance of what you are saying and you may become frustrated and angry. The right time to confess your feelings is when they are not busy. The best way to make sure it’s a good time is to just ask. “Hey, I’d like to talk to you. Is it a good time now?

8.Do not ignore the economic aspects of your relationship:

Money problems can also stress the best relationships, so if you run into problems, deal with them as soon as possible. Discussing your financial goals can help you make responsible decisions for a bright future. If money issues are a nuisance to you, be aware that ignoring them can lead to major headaches later.

9.Don’t rush your relation:

Don’t push your relationship to a higher level too quickly. Everyone wants a happy ending in fairy tales, but don’t forget to enjoy your trip.

10.Don’t be obsessed with your role in the relation:

Most people have their “role” in a relationship. Some roles are gender-based. Happy couples take on tasks other than their own, in order to get things done when they need them, no matter who they are. If your partner is a cook in a relationship but she can’t have dinner at the table because she works late, she should intervene to get the job done. When she gets home she waits for dinner.

A non-discussion relationship is a relationship with many secrets.”

11.Don’t be a negative Nelly:

Instead of putting pressure on your partner to do what you think you need, try encouraging your partner instead. Instead of sticking to them to make them better, be the support and motivation they need to achieve bigger and better things.

12.Do not expect anything in return:

I am willing to give it to maintain a happy relationship, but I do not expect anything in return. Do something special for your partner as you know it makes them happy. Focusing on giving rather than gaining will make you really happy.

There is no magic formula and it depends on the person. However, these small considerations can lead the relationship from under the dump to the top of the world. That is, if you pay attention and apply it properly.

13.Do not focus on the flaws of your partner:

Not Everyone is perfect and everyone do make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, but don’t focus on your partner. When you focus on their good, you will not notice them anyway. By discovering the good of your partner, you also discover your own good.

14.Don’t hide who you are:

You can’t be happy if you can’t be around your loved ones. Happy couples love each other about who they are and never fear being themselves. Being loved for who you are is better than anything. Similarly, never feel that you need to change for someone. If they can’t accept you, you’ll never be happy in that relationship.

15.Don’t stick to the past:

The past is gone. It cannot be changed. Accept that your partner has a past and you may not like it, but accept it and move on. Look to the future together and forget what’s behind you.

16.Don’t keep a secret:

Secrets can destroy the strongest relationships. Trust is a delicate thing that can easily be lost, so don’t keep it secret from your partner. Consider keeping a secret as if you were lying. Nothing good is born from lying.

17.Don’t hesitate:

You never lose by loving someone. You lose by withholding and not giving 100% of yourself in your relationship. Being part of a truly happy couple can’t happen until you give someone else the opportunity to hurt you and at the same time trust them and don’t. Having a happy relationship means that you trust your partner, and they trust you too.

18.Don’t expect it to be easy to be a couple:

It’s amazing to have a long-term relationship, but it’s rarely easy. Think of the challenge as an opportunity to grow and become stronger as a couple. It takes effort to be happy together, but learning while learning gives you the power you need to be truly happy together.

19.Don’t expect your relation to be the answer to your prayers:

A healthy and happy relationship will certainly add to your life, but don’t expect it to solve all your problems. It is not the responsibility of others to fix your life. You have to do it yourself. Take responsibility for your own feelings and problems and make sure they do not interfere with the well-being of your relationship.

20.Always talking about your ex:

Once you have a devoted relationship, you may be expected to speak openly with your partner about what happened before you. But it should not result in constant mention of his / her girlfriend in your conversation. In addition, comparing your current partner to your ex can create major cracks in your relationship.

The bottom line:

There is no magic formula and it depends on the person. However, these small considerations can lead the relationship from under the dump to the top of the world. That is, if you pay attention and apply it properly.

Everyone is eager to be part of a happy couple. It can be a pain, but anyone can build a perfect relationship if they take the time to practice healthy relationship habits. Use the tips above to guide your own relationship to a happier and healthier place.Last but not the least TRUST is one of the main reason for any relation to be perfect and happy.

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