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5 Best Tips to tell if your Crush is into you..

Know if your Crush is Secretly into You - 5 Best Tips

Have a Secret Crush on someone? Eager to know whether he/she is interested in you?

If yes! dig out using these tricks..

Hey, Single Person. I dedicate this entry to you. It’s common to meet someone who gives you butterflies and makes you feel warm and happy during a “Single” stint – crush.

It’s nice to have a crush on someone, but it’s amazing to discover that he/she is also into you..

There are some very easy ways to determine if your crush likes you:

Whether they flirt with you, whether they sit close to you, they plan with you Whether it is standing or not. You may find it interested to use the new method.

I will show you five unusual ways to tell if you have a crush and how to distinguish them from chance. If we could catch these actions, it might be time to leap and ask them!.


People tend to imitate Catchphrases, Accents, speaking speed, and even the tone of their favorite person. Communication Adaptation Theory 1 teaches us to change our speech to suit the tone and mood of the person we care about. And hey, if they’re trying hard to get you to like them, that may mean they’re already in love with you.

What if it happens by chance?

Try this: come up with something new. Some strange little word “ism” that you can try them out. Maybe a terrible dad’s joke, or wording. Say a few times here and there… surprise to see them picking it up. It can take a week or two, but if you like it, use that phrase to indicate that you’re enjoying the company.


People deliberately change their speech patterns to make themselves look more unique or desirable. This idea is based on the principle of shortage. This explains what makes them more desirable if someone has unusual qualities (eg red hair, accents, green eyes). If your unrequited love emphasizes their unusual qualities around you, it may mean that they are trying to make themselves look unique!

What if it happens by chance?

You can answer that question very quickly. All you have to do is look at them when they are around others. Will the same “accents” they boldly present around you fade? Do they downplay their unique qualities when they don’t think you’re looking for them? Will these behaviors recover again when they think you are around? These are obvious signs that your unrequited love is in you.

There is Nothing better than your crush having a crush on you!…


What is mirroring? It is a nonverbal tendency for people to do both consciously and unconsciously. Like accommodation, we reassure people by mirroring them, especially by replicating their non-verbal movements. This is not an imitation that happens when someone copies your actions. Mirroring is like a complementary action. Like if You get up from your seat, they cross their legs. You brush your hair back and he / she cleans his / her throat. It’s a little longer, but it happens.

What if it happens by chance?

Now, admit that this is a bit difficult to distinguish from the others. Especially because it is often done instinctively. One way to deal with this is to do your own mirroring. Pay close attention to your unrequited love when talking to him / her and deliberately react to his / her nonverbal behavior. If he/she crosses their arms, you scratch your head. If he / she is standing, you lean forward. It may sound strange, but it can go a surprisingly long way.


This is a little more obvious, but be sure to pay attention to your crush’s friends when you are around them. Do they “pressure” you on him / her? They ask you if you are single or in whom you are interested? Take note, because if your crush’s friends like you, a relationship with them is much more likely to happen.

What if it’s just a coincidence?

Who cares? When did having more friends hurt someone? If you must test this theory, try making plans with your crush’s friends, purposefully excluding your crush. If they try to involve the person you like, it is a good sign.

Bottom line: if everyone around the person you like seems to like you, he / she may also see you as a potential person of interest!


When it comes to starting or building relationships, people like predictability. Only when a relationship is established will people strive for something unique or new. You are unique enough on your own at the beginning of a relationship because there is likely a lot of information that your crush doesn’t know about you. If they are looking to have a regular day of the week where they see you, it could be an excuse to get closer to you.

What if it’s just a coincidence?

Try it! Try to see if this person is aiming to associate the two of you with something”. Maybe you’re watching a new show every Sunday; Maybe it’s getting together for a workout or going to the dog park every Wednesday. The point is, you need to be careful with acts like these that try to establish a routine; They could be trying to create a connection!


Note here:

Whatever you do… Don’t ask this person if the reason they behave this way is because they like you. You don’t need an academic source to say it’s a bad idea. When talking about your relationship with this person, express your feelings directly. Don’t tell the other person everything.

The point of this article is to inform you of some of the more unorthodox ways people may intentionally or unintentionally express their feelings. The immediate step you must take is to ” make the first move!

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